Grooming Policies for Your Pet | Flea and Tick Protocol, Behavioral Concerns, and More

Checking if there's any flea or tick before grooming

Flea & Tick Protocol:

  • As our facility accommodates puppies and senior dogs, we are unable to accept appointments for pets with known flea and tick infestations to prevent exposure.
  • Please inform us of any known flea or tick issues when scheduling your pet's grooming appointment. If not informed in advance, we reserve the right to refuse or reschedule the grooming service at any time.

Dog Snarling

Behavioral Concerns:

  • When booking your appointment, please disclose any behavioral issues your pet may have, such as aggression, severe anxiety, or neurosis.
  • Inform us if your pet has previously shown aggression or bitten people, other pets, or reacted negatively to specific grooming procedures.
  • Failure to disclose this information may result in refusal or rescheduling of grooming services.
  • Additional charges may apply, and owners are responsible for any costs resulting from their pet's misbehavior during grooming, including medical expenses, income loss, and equipment damage.

Assisting senior dog while grooming

Senior, Special Needs, or Medical Conditions:

  • Please inform us of any existing medical conditions or special needs your pet may have, such as hip displacement, seizures, collapsing trachea, blindness, yeast infections, or ear mites, to ensure a comfortable grooming experience.
  • Notify us if your pet is a senior, so we can provide extra time and attention.
  • If the groomer deems the grooming process too stressful or uncomfortable for your pet, we reserve the right to stop the session.
  • We are not responsible for any injury or accident related to elderly or medically ill pets during grooming.
  • Grooming charges still apply if the session is terminated under these circumstances.

Dog vomiting while grooming

Veterinary Care:

  • If your pet shows signs of illness or pain during grooming and requires medical attention, we reserve the right to seek veterinary care from a veterinarian of our choosing if you are unavailable.
  • All associated costs will be the owner's responsibility.

Shaving tangled fur on dog

Matted Pets:

  • Dematting can be painful and risky for your pet. We reserve the right to refuse dematting services for severely matted pets and recommend shaving instead.
  • For less severe cases, owners should be aware of potential aftereffects, such as skin itchiness, redness, or hair regrowth failure. We are not responsible for these outcomes.

Groomer cleaning dog's ear

Ear Care:

  • We will thoroughly clean the ear canal for pets with ear infections, inflammation, or ear mites. However, we cannot guarantee complete dirt removal during a single session without causing excessive discomfort.
  • Regular ear cleaning may be required, and we recommend consulting a veterinarian for severe cases.
  • A $10 charge is applicable for repeated cases of poorly managed ears as additional time and substantial amount of ear cleaning agent needs to be used.

Nail clipping for dog while grooming

Nail Clipping:

  • We will trim your pet's nails as short as possible without causing harm. Sometimes, it can be challenging to gauge the shortest length possible, especially when the nails are black. In these instances, bleeding may occur, but it will be promptly addressed with appropriate medication.
  • For pets with overgrown nails, the quick is often very long, as it grows along with the nails. We will attempt to trim the nails as short as possible in these cases. Regular nail clipping is advised to help the quick recede over time.

Person booking an appointment for grooming session

Cancellations, No-Shows, and Late Arrivals:

  • A no-show fee may be charged for missed appointments. Continual cancellations without prior notice (at least 1 day in advance) may result in a required prepayment for future grooming sessions or refusal of future bookings.
  • We reserve the right to charge the full price for appointments missed due to customer lateness. Pre-payment for future services may be requested after two or more late appointments.