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Dr. Clauder's

Dr.Clauder's Plaque Ex Forte Plus

Dr.Clauder's Plaque Ex Forte Plus

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The product Plaque Ex Forte powder is unfortunately no longer available due to European directives, but we have launched a new product. Below you will find more information about Plaque Ex Forte Plus:

Tartar builds up over a longer period of time, mostly on the molars. Tartar and plaque can have sensitive effects on the organism and can lead to diseases in the long run. If preventive treatment is not taken, the only option is usually to have the sensitive teeth cleaned by the vet. As this is done under anaesthesia, cleaning can put a strain on the body. This is a risk, especially with older animals. It is better to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque in order to avoid or delay veterinary treatment.


Dr Clauder's Plaque Ex Forte Plus is a novel product for tartar prevention and reduction. Due to the proven high efficacy of the raw materials, we have chosen the combination of medicinal micro silver and cranberry juice concentrate - the ideal combination for effective plaque control. This sensible combination can help to eliminate tartar. The product is available for dogs and cats and is a sensible addition to modern dental care. Thanks to the practical dispenser and the chosen "emulsion" dosage form, Plaque Ex Forte Plus is simple to dose and easy to use. Simply give 2 strokes daily either with the food or directly into the mouth. This applies regardless of the size of the animal. With this product, time-consuming tooth brushing is a thing of the past. Food testers have confirmed that the acceptance is very high and the product is also a welcome treat for dogs and cats.

Due to the economical dosage, the costs for daily feeding can be reduced compared to Plaque Ex powder.

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