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Kojima Tear Stains Clean Wipes

Kojima Tear Stains Clean Wipes

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KOJIMA Pet Sanitary Wipes: Advanced Japanese Technology for Pet Care

Gentle, Effective Cleaning for Your Pet
Our KOJIMA Pet Sanitary Wipes are the perfect solution for keeping your pet clean and fresh. Ideal for maintaining your dog's grooming needs, these wipes effectively remove tear stains, keeping your furry friend looking and feeling great.

Key Features & Benefits:

- Enriched with Aloe Vera: Infused with aloe vera extract, our wipes offer a soothing and moisturizing touch, ideal for your pet's sensitive skin. 
- Natural Herbal Formula: The herbal composition of the wipes ensures gentle cleaning while providing a refreshing and odour-free experience for your pet.
- Safe for Pets: Free from harmful substances like alcohol, perfumes, benzyl alcohol, and bleach, these wipes are formulated to be gentle and safe for regular use.
- 24-Hour Care for Common Pet Concerns: Tackle issues like excessive tearing, eye discharge, redness, and itching with our wipes, offering round-the-clock care for your pet.
- RO Pure Water Base: Using RO (Reverse Osmosis) pure water ensures the wipes are pure, effective, and easy on your pet's skin.
- Skin-Friendly Non-Woven Fabric: Crafted from thickened non-woven fabric, the wipes are soft, breathable, and particularly gentle on sensitive areas like the eyes.


Product Details:

Quantity: 120 wipes
Wipe Size: 58 x 58 mm each
Weight: 150g
Main Ingredients: Thickened Non-Woven Fabric, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract, RO Water

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